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Howard Loomis

PE, Civil Engineer

Howard Loomis, former MNSPE president and retired civil engineer, is all about history and engineering. Talking with him in his antique-filled home on Bevens Creek in Carver, Minnesota, on a wooded lot which he and his wife bought in 1967, the year of the Big Flood, he had many stories of his family history, antiques and engineering throughout his career.

Howard was instrumental in planning and buying the 555 Park Corporation which provided a building and lot for the MnSPE headquarters close to the Capitol in St. Paul in the 1970’s. Although the building was sold, the 555 Park Corporation donated the proceeds to the Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation for scholarships.
A plaque on the building recalls the MnSPE ownership.

Howard knew many of the founders of today’s large engineering firms, such as Jack Braun of Braun Intertec, Doug Barr of Barr Engineering, and said he is one of the few to know what TSP stands for (The Spitznagel Partnership).

Howard and other former presidents of MnSPE still get together once a month for lunch.

Howard graduated from high school in 1946 and attended the University of Minnesota “with the vets” returning from World War II, graduating in 1951. In December 1950, he married his wife, Mary Lou Loomis.

As a history buff he has researched his family, a Loomis family of wool drapers who emigrated to the U.S. from England in 1633 and settled in Connecticut. His great grandfather fought in the Civil War and settled later in Mankato with three children. The Blue Earth County Historical Society and Minnesota Historical Society have family papers and history on the Loomis family.

His grandchildren are musicians, home builders, and social workers-but no engineers so far. Mindful of the future of MnSPE and MPEF, Howard and other board members donated the money from the sale of 555 Park Corporation to MPEF for scholarships.

Howard Loomis’ and the 555 Corporation’s generosity is much appreciated by the hundreds of engineering students who have benefited from the ensuing MPEF scholarships.

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