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Can anyone make an Annual Gift or a Bequest/ Planned Gift to Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation?

Any person, regardless of age, who would like to honor and advance the engineering profession by giving money to annual scholarships or who wish to create a legacy by endowing a scholarship for engineering education. A gift can be structured for nearly any circumstance. The best gift is one that fits your particular situation and desires, and that reflects your values.

Aren’t gifts only for wealthy people?

Every gift is significant, whatever its size, and advances the engineering profession.

A gift may be disbursed yearly to scholarship, or invested in the endowment to grow in perpetuity. Any gift can make a large impact over time, because it will grow. In addition, some types of planned gift can be structured to actually provide income during your lifetime, and a gift to Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation when you are gone.

How will my gift be used?

It depends on how you direct Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation to use it. You may restrict the use of the money for a particular type of scholarship.

Since the principal of the Foundation is not spent, the income from your gift will continue to support Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation in perpetuity. Gifts are used to help Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation fulfill its mission. A donor may elect to direct a gift to a specific program or initiative if desired. This needs to be in writing at the time the gift is established, or in your will.

Who manages the Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation?

The Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation is managed by the MPEF board of directors.

What happens to my gift when Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation receives it?

If your gift is unrestricted, the MPEF will direct the gift to the endowment. If it is restricted, the gift will be used as you direct.

Can I direct where my gift is invested?

A donor may direct a gift to a Designated Scholarship Fund or create a new fund.

May I make a gift in memory of someone?

You may make a gift in memory of a loved one; and give it to whatever fund you or the memorials indicate.

How will I be recognized for my gift?

Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation will print your name in the online annual report.

I prefer to keep my gift and/or plans confidential. Can I do this?

Yes. Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation respects a donor’s desire for confidentiality and anonymity. Gift amounts are never made public. And, if you indicate so in writing, Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation will not include your name on any roster of donors.

Who can help me decide how to make an annual gift or a bequest?

Your financial advisors should advise you in accordance with your personal wishes. If you would like any details about MPEF, please contact the office at 651-457-2347, or email at

The role of Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation is not to provide professional advice, but rather to help you identify possible ways to make a gift that reflect your values.

What is the MPEF Legacy Circle?

Any person who has made a planned gift or bequest is a member of the Legacy Society.
You may remain anonymous if you choose.

I’m not sure I will have enough money to last my lifetime. Can I still make a planned gift?

There are several ways to structure a gift so that there is no impact on your current income. Perhaps the easiest way to make a gift is to create a bequest in a will that simply designates some percentage, or dollar amount, of the remaining estate to Minnesota Professional Engineers Foundation. In addition, certain annuity vehicles can provide income during a donor’s lifetime, which can be a significant help to the donor’s current circumstances.

If I make a planned gift, should I still make an annual contribution?

Yes; annual gifts support the current operations of MPEF, whereas planned gifts help support the longer-term. Generally speaking, a planned gift is considered an “ultimate gift,” i.e. over and above regular annual pledging.