Create a Scholarship

Create a legacy for yourself or recognize someone who has been influential in your life. Or honor of a group, cause, company, or organization.

Choose from several options for creating your scholarship.

Endowed scholarship

Named for a person, company or organization

The money is collected from one or more people and invested by the MPEF finance committee. Each year, a percentage of the funds are disbursed yearly for scholarships. The corpus of the endowment remains in MPEF investment vehicles for a permanent fund. This option truly creates a lasting legacy for Minnesota’s engineers!

There is a $25,000 minimum.

Sometimes an endowed scholarship collects more money, or the donor gives more than $25,000. In that case, the amount of the scholarship could be increased or MPEF could award more than one scholarship.

One-time scholarship

Given by a person, persons, organization, or company

All the money is collected at one time or from one event. Then, all the money is disbursed at one time.

Multi-year scholarship, non-endowed

Named for the life of the pledge or for a group, company, or person

A scholarship amount is pledged over a period of years. Funds are granted and disbursed to scholars each year.

We can also roll a multi-year scholarship into the general scholarship fund.

Other options

MPEF can work with you to establish an endowed or named scholarship using various financial vehicles.

Contact us for more information and to begin creating a scholarship.

If you are not ready to create a scholarship, consider other ways to support engineering education:

Thank you for your commitment to a strong future for engineering in Minnesota!